writing resources

academic grant-writing support
Since 2014, I have facilitated academic grant writing workshops. As a part of these participatory workshops, participants analyze successful OGS or SSRHC research statements (aka the program of study), while identifying rhetorical conventions and effective ways of phrasing or organizing them. Participants also have the opportunity to draft parts of their proposals, and to support one another by providing constructive feedback in a peer review session.

Consider checking out a guide that I co-wrote that includes strategies for writing research proposals (available HERE). The abstract reads:

Seeking to support graduate students in engaging in feminist sociological research, we provide guidance on “working the project”—working collaboratively and creatively to foster compassion and solidarity as we bring diverse research projects to fruition. We offer reflections on our everyday experiences and struggles as emerging feminist researchers, including with writing research proposals. We also include four condensed research proposals ‐ on the social organization of care work, sex work, criminal justice, and abortion care ‐ to support fellow students in the process. Spurring collaborative, fun and inclusive ways of working, we speak to feminist scholar‐activists who may require additional support in navigating the social relations of academe, while contributing to collective projects of investigating and remaking the social organization of everyday life.

I am also happy to share successful examples of my SSHRC proposal and OGS proposal (available HERE). Shoot me an email if you'd like me to send them to you directly!