Poem - 'Writing advice for floozies'

My poem, 'Writing advice for floozies' was recently featured in a 'bodies and breath' chapbook edited by rob mclennan and published in Ottawa by above/ground press (December 2018). Here's a taste of it:

Mary Oliver asks, “Now of all voyagers I remember, who among them did not board ship with grief among their maps?” Barbeque chips in hand, I trust that my frustrations and fantasies will point me to places I need to go. I trust that I’m getting somewhere by grieving and longing and clutching maps and eating chips and writing. And, writing, for me and for now, is a way to work out how to live. I want to write like a televangelist healing her life and like a dog dragging her ass at a dinner party. I want to know and become and experiment – showing my neck, cultivating clumsiness, writing toward and not away from myself. May my body make words and life. For us and for now.

And here's more on the chapbook and the press. Thanks again to rob mclennan, Marie-Andree Auclair, allison calvern, Allie Duff, Laurence Gillieson, Leah MacLean-Evans, Sneha Madhavan-Reese and Billie Moss for the Monday nights!