Presentation - ‘Tacky and Taboo Stories?'

AMC Colloquium: ‘Tacky and Taboo Stories? Life Stories of Care in a Context of Social Neglect’

This presentation explores the possibilities and limits of using life stories – however tacky or taboo – to learn about social norms and about extended social relations and imaginaries. Drawing on life history interviews with former care providers in Ontario Canada, including people who stepped back from care or family responsibilities after reaching their limits, my work examines how people (re)make their caring subjectivities and relationships in a context of social neglect. In this presentation, I begin by sharing vignettes that shed light on some of the ways people reorient to themselves, their capacities and their responsibilities. From there, I invite feedback on how storytelling can contribute to social research, and on how to represent complex life experiences.

I am looking forward to sharing about my artistic and analytical work at the next Arts Media and Culture colloquium. at Maastricht University.

3:30pm Wednesday March 27th 2019 ///////