Review - Amy Dresner's 'My Fair Junkie'

Half-book review and half-meditation, the excerpt below is from an essay I wrote for The Rumpus. My piece responds to Amy Dresner's memoir, while reflecting on the art of cracking jokes, getting clean and building a life.

At one point in My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean, Amy Dresner makes a list of all the things she’s lost: “my home, my marriage, my sobriety, my sanity.” An attentive reader could probably add a few more things to her list, including a pair of underwear that ends up covered in spearmint gum.

Dresner, a former stand-up comic turned memoirist, writes about going for broke, going to rehab, and going to the Beverly Hills Hotel—once, that is, when her ex-husband took her there “as if to say ‘Look at the life I can give you.’”

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I'm grateful to Amy Dresner for her gritty, comedic writing, and to Abigail Bereola, the book reviews editor at the Rumpus, for providing feedback on my piece.