Essay - 'I’m taking a break from dancing or joking about my height'

As a 6-foot-3 woman, rising above self pity has served me well. / I am the height of an NBA point guard with the wingspan of an eagle and the narrow face of a baby giraffe. In 1993, I was taller than my Grade 3 teacher. Today, I am taller than my mom, dad, grandpa and my two grandmas put together. I have devoted my life to reclaiming my height, taking the stage at every talent show, open mic night or dance off. “Rock your wingspan,” Mom would cheer, “Give ‘er all you got!”

The excerpt above was taken from a recent first person essay I published in The Globe and Mail. Please check out the piece here.

Thank you to the Globe and Mail for publishing, to Catherine Dawson March for editing, and to Rachel Wada for producing the accompanying image above.